Questions and Answers

Q. Does your Clinic provide fee-for-service medical care?
A. You can get a specialist’s consultation and, if necessary, undergo treatment at Orthospine Clinic either by paying cash or under a voluntary health insurance contract.
Click here to see a list of insurance companies – partners of Orthospine Clinic


Q. What documents does one have to bring to the Clinic in order to receive a specialists’ consultation?
A. As per the current Russian Federation laws, to have a patient chart drawn up, RF citizens have to provide:
  • civil passport

if it is your first visit to a specialist, please bring recent MRI and CT scans, X-ray images, hospital discharge summaries, lab test results (all the medical documents for the recent period). It could be helpful during a consultation and might accelerate diagnosis and initiation of treatment.

Q. What is the admission procedure for surgery or treatment in the Clinic?
A. In most cases, a patient is hospitalized right on the day of surgery. Two to five days prior to admission, one has to have their lab tests taken, ECG recorded, and have a consultation with an anesthesiologist and an internist. If you have comorbidities, additional evaluation methods and specialists’ consults might be required before the surgery. An anesthesiologist will give you a detailed explanation of preoperative preparation rules during the consult. If you have any questions, please call the Clinic, and our receptionists will give you full information about the hospitalization procedure.


Q. What are the Clinic opening hours?
A. The outpatient department is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
    The inpatient department works round the clock.
You can visit your relatives in the inpatient department at any time from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Family members are not allowed in after 8 p.m. due to protective regimen at the Clinic.
Please respect our inpatient visiting schedule. It is aimed at creating the best conditions for our patients’ recovery!

Q. What items shall I have with me if I am going to be hospitalized?
A. You should bring personal belongings (clothes, footwear, a toothbrush). Also, don’t’ forget your medical documents (MRI and CT scans, X-ray images with descriptions).
We can offer you disposable personal hygiene items and slippers.


Q. Are meals provided in the Clinic?
A. Three meals a day are provided in compliance with your physician’s recommendations. There is always tea, coffee and mineral water available in the rooms.


Q. Is there Wi-Fi in the Clinic?
A. Yes, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the Clinic’s territory. For an access code, please ask a receptionist or a nurse at the nurses’ station.


Q. Does your Clinic issue sick leave certificates?
A. Yes, the Clinic is licensed for temporary disability examination, so attending physicians have the right to issue sick leave certificates in accordance with the current Russian Federation laws.


Q. I would like to work at your Clinic, who shall I contact?
A. We’ll be glad to receive your resume at: with the subject line Resume-Specialty (please indicate your specialty).